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‘Delivering Cinema To The Highlands And Islands Of Scotland’ Screen Machine
November 21, 2017, 7:00 pm
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Not all mobile and pop-up cinemas need to be outdoors and if you are in Scotland during the colder months it probably sounds like a more inviting prospect to snuggle up in the back of a warm truck to watch a movie. But this isn’t any old truck this is a state of the art 80 seat cinema. In fact once the sides of the truck have been opened out and you step inside it looks just like a regular cinema that you would find in the city. The beauty of this engineering marvel is not only how it transforms but it’s mobility, and that people in the rural highlands and Islands of Scotland can now enjoy latest release movies in a quality cinema environment.

The Screen Machine travels to over 40 communities, spending between one and four days in each location before transforming back into a truck and hitting the road again. With most tours taking between ten to twelve weeks.

If you live or are holidaying in Scotland jump on their website and track the Screen Machine down, for an awesome and truly unique cinema experience.

For more information on the Screen Machine, check out the following website:

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