Road Movie Mobile Cinema

Cinema Hire

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The versatility of our uniquely designed indoor and outdoor cinema screen and projection systems make our mobile cinemas the perfect cinematic solution for unforgettable movie nights in any location, and is perfectly suited for:

  • School Ovals and Halls
  • Vineyards and Cellar Doors
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Golf Courses and Sports Clubs
  • Library’s and schools & even swimming pools

Cinema Hire Includes:

  • Cinema installation and operation
  • Arranging film copyright clearance
  • 3m, 4m, 6m or 8m wide movie screen
  • Full HD 2K resolution, ultra-bright projection
  • Pre-show assembly of Advert, Sponsorship and Public Notice slides
  • Event promotion via our seven social media channels
  • Digital copy of the film poster and rating symbol for promotional use
  • Turbo-Sound audio system to suit your audience size
  • Our mobile projection unit (Players, Mixer & Monitor)
  • Microphone for announcements
  • Pre-Show music that can be themed to your event
  • PPCA Licence to play recorded music in publicĀ 
  • Power supply – 3.5kva Generator
  • Back-up system on site (Projection, Audio and Movie)
  • Weather guarantee for your date (We can re-schedule for following year)
  • Public Liability Insurance (20 Million)
  • Tested and tagged equipment and cables

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