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‘better than the worst movie ever made’ The Disaster Artist is our release of the week
March 26, 2018, 7:00 pm
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Release of the Week – The Disaster Artist (M)
Available 28 March – Outdoor screenings from the 28th June 2018.

Our third most popular movie release for March goes to The Disaster Artist at 13% on our Google + Poll, behind Thor: Ragnarock at 40% and Star Wars: The Last Jedi at 33%. Following behind The Disaster Artist was The Greatest Showman at 8% and Murder On The Orient Express on 6%.

What could be better than the worst movie ever made – The Room? A film about the making of the worst movie ever made. Produced, directed by and Starring James Franco, The Disaster Artist, takes us behind the scenes on Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 film The Room, that since the time of its release has given Ed Wood’s ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ a run for its money as the worst movie ever made and gained cult status along the way.

And with a worldwide gross box office of 29.6 million against a production budget of 10 million and a 91% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The Disaster Artist proves that Hollywood can indeed polish a turd when the right talent is behind the project.

Disaster Artist, The (M)
Comedy/Drama/Biography, Rated M, 104 Minutes.
Starring James Franco, Seth Rogen, Dave Franco
The story of making The Room, dubbed the ‘Citizen Kane of bad movies’. When Greg Sestero, an aspiring film actor, meets the weird and mysterious Tommy Wiseau in an acting class, they form a unique friendship and travel to Hollywood to make their dreams come true.

The Disaster Artist (M) is currently available for Road Movie Mobile Cinema events. Please contact us for a film copyright quote for your next pop-up outdoor or indoor cinema event in South Australia or Victoria

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