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Top 5 Monster Movies and Full Film List

The highest rated movies on our Mega Monster Movie list do battle, who will be number one?

5. KING KONG (1933)
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The 8th wonder of the world and the original big screen monster himself was the third highest rated monster movie on our letterbox list. However when put into battle with the other four highest rated monster movies on our Google+ poll poor Kong didn’t stand a chance clocking in at only 9%. King Kong has many memorable scenes possibly even if you haven’t seen the film you will recognise many iconic images; from standing atop the Empire State Building to the giant gates of skull island – That will be homaged later by Steven Speilberg in Jurassic Park.

4. How To Train Your Dragon (2010)
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Coming in at 12% is our highest rated dragon ‘Toothless’ who co-star’s alongside Hiccup a young boy who was sent to kill him and ends up becoming his best friend, a classic boy and his dragon tale. The animation franchise has been highly original and inventive to date with the third instalment set to hit cinema’s around February-March 2019.

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Who you gonna call? apparently the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man thanks to Dan Aykroyd and his wandering mind. Not what you would call a mega monster movie, however these climatic scenes where the Ghostbusters do battle with a giant marshmallow man have become almost as iconic as the scenes from King Kong that they pay homage too. After five screenings on the mobile cinema screen Ghostbusters has climbed our 100 most popular films list to be happily sitting at number ten. With it’s PG rated family friendly scares it’s been a popular choice for those wanting to have a ghostly movie night for kids while still being very funny – and scary – for adults. It may have only come third on our list but it’s our number one mobile cinema monster. Poll rating 14%

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Jumping to 30% on our Google+ Poll is the Steven Speilberg monster classic Jurassic Park. It’s groundbreaking special effects and brilliant cast brings Michael Crichton’s novel and dinosaurs to life. Speilberg has a fantastic knack of being able to make a scary monster movie for the whole family. There are some truly terrifying scenes in this film, but somehow Speilberg manages to keep the rating to PG, so the dinosaurs number one fans – the kids – can still enjoy. We had the pleasure of doing an outdoor screening of Jurassic Park on the lawns of The South Australian Museum much to the enjoyment of hundreds of screaming kids.

1. JAWS (1975)
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The film that has ruined swimming and given sharks a bad name is our winner at 34%. It’s amazing that the film with possibly the worst special effects of all five will take out the number one spot. It goes to show what an iconic score, first class direction and acting can do for a movie. It would seem that Speilberg is the king of the Mega Monsters Film List. Jaws has enjoyed several outings on the mobile cinema, not to mention a outdoor screening at a swimming centre. I am still holding out for a screening on a jetty or pontoon.

Honourable mentions:
Godzilla, poor Godzilla.

You may have missed:
The Host – Love this film.

For our full list of monster movies on Letterboxd please click below.

Let us know if you agree or disagree with how the top five list turned out and please let us know if anything is missing from our mega list.

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