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‘I’d give it 10 minutes’ ★★1/2 – Review of I Give It A Year (2013)
July 16, 2013, 11:35 am
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I give it a yearI GIVE IT A YEAR
Comedy/Romance, Rated M, 102 Minutes.
Starring: Rose Byrne, Simon Baker, Rafe Spall, Anna Faris
Available 3 July – Outdoor from 3 Sept 2013.

After a whirlwind romance, Josh and Nat get married but soon find themselves incompatible. The girl with whom Josh broke up Chloe is still around, and potential client Guy pops up as an unexpected attraction for Nat. For all their efforts over 12 months, including bizarre marriage guidance counselling from Clare, Josh and Nat are unable to fulfil their wedding hopes. What to do? Available 3 July – Outdoor from 3 Sept 2013.

I Give It A Year starts out funny, gets a bit embarrassing, then tiring, then ultimately has you wondering if there’s anything good on the TV. The first 15mins were promising because they contained Stephen Merchant being a ridiculously over the top best man at a wedding, saying all the inappropriate things you can think of. The rest of the film mainly contains bitter married people being nasty to one another and wishing they weren’t married, which had its moments but felt nasty in an un-funny way and was generally not very clever. Seriously these people deserve one another. All the best bits are in the trailer and if you don’t think the trailer is funny, It doesn’t get any better at 102mins.

Review out of five stars: ★★1/2 stars – and these belong to Stephen Merchant
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