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‘Maybe Wahlberg blackmailed them with unsavoury photos’ ★★1/2 – Review of Broken City (2013)
July 5, 2013, 6:50 am
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Broken-City_12BROKEN CITY
Crime/Thriller, Rated MA 15+, 109 Minutes
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones
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When disgraced cop turned private detective Billy Taggart is hired by New York Mayor Nicholas Hostetler to tail his wife, he uncovers a city-wide conspiracy of corruption, sex, and murder. With his life threatened at every turn, Billy finds himself faced with an impossible choice, which could have disastrous repercussions for his career and family.

Gumshoe Mark Wahlberg’s assignment – Tail the Mayors wife and find out who she’s been sleeping with.

Private eye Wahlberg’s checklist :
Ridiculously large camera with loud shutter – check
Be an alcoholic – check
Be a violent ass – check
Have struggling detective agency – check
Dark past – check
Voice recorder – check – well I packed my Iphone does that count?

If you haven’t guessed by now BROKEN CITY ticks all of the Film-Noir detective down on his luck cliché boxes and in the right hands this could still work. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta Jones who should be able to carry a tired old plot that we’ve seen many times before and make it engaging. They do the best they can but with a standard by the numbers script, and dialogue that fails to have the clever wit of a classic film-noir leaving you wondering where all the pop-corn went. It makes you wonder what attracted such big names to this project, maybe producer turned detective Wahlberg blackmailed them with some unsavoury photos. BROKEN CITY is entertaining enough; it looks and sounds good and is mildly entertaining but lacks anything memorable. It’s a film that won’t be remembered at the end of the year, week or even day, so I’m writing this review just so I remember that I saw it.

Review out of five stars: ★★1/2
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