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Paying for film copyrights and box office percentages #FAQs
April 22, 2013, 10:57 am
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As a part of Road Movies’ service we arrange the necessary film copyright clearance for you, so all you need to do is decide on a film. Some films have screening restrictions in relation to outdoor exhibition and free events etc. So it’s important that you get confirmation from Road Movie, before you start your promotions.

Copyright costs for free screenings:
The film distributor will work out the copyright cost for your free public screening after you have filled out one of our film copyright quote online forms. The cost of your film hire will be dependent on several factors.
* The location of the screening and distance to the nearest cinema.
* If the screening is outdoor or indoor.
* Estimated audience numbers and venues maximum capacity.
* Level of advertising – how heavily will this event be promoted e.g. promoted to a school group or open to everyone.
* Screen size.

Copyright costs for commercial screenings:
If you are charging admission you will need to keep a box office record for the film distributor, they will charge a base rate or a percentage (25%-35% depending on distributor) of the box office (Movie Ticket) takings whatever is the greater amount. Box office numbers need to be supplied to Road Movie either on the night of the screening or the next day.
example of the information required from your box office numbers.
80 Adults @ $15 = $1200.00
70 Concession @ $10 = $700.00
20 Seniors/Kids @ $7 = $140.00
170 People
Total Box Office Takings = $2040.00

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