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FAQs: Can I have an intermission at my mobile cinema event? #Adelaide #Cinema
August 2, 2012, 7:38 am
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Yes, you can have an intermission at your screening and if you are running the event as a fundraiser it’s a great opportunity to open up the candy bar to make a few more sales.

If you would like to have an intermission at your event you will need to give us 24hrs notice, this will allow us time to look at the movie and work out the best point in the film to insert an intermission. This also gives you an opportunity to put event sponsors back on screen for a few moments.

It’s important not to make an intermission too long, about 15-20mins is about right depending on the audience. If you let the intermission go too long people can start getting annoyed. If you are serving pop-corn or coffee it’s good if you can anticipate the audience and have as much preparation done as possible to allow for people to be served and back in the audience as quickly as possible.

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