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Unstoppable (M) ‘make sure you go before the train leaves the station.’ – ★★★ Stars
February 5, 2012, 10:43 am
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Action, Rated M, 98 Minutes
Starring: Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson.
Available from June 8 2011 – Outdoor from 8 August 2011

In a careless moment while re-parking a long freight train, a lazy train driver allows loco 777 to get away, while under power. The runaway train, with carriages full of deadly and inflammable chemicals, is hurtling towards a string of Pennsylvania towns – and another train being driven by veteran engineer Frank Barnes and a young conductor just out of training, Will Colson. As the emergency escalates and HQ tries to avert disaster, Frank and Will have to make a series of desperate decisions in an attempt to get the monster train under control before it smashes and explodes in one of the towns.

Playing out like a big budget episode of seconds to disaster, Unstoppable is exactly that, it’s one great big action sequence (dramatic re-enactment), thankfully without too much pesky character development. After all it’s a runaway train film, you don’t want to know what the train conductor had for breakfast you want to know if he’s gonna make it home for dinner. Full of great action sequences, Unstoppable is guaranteed to keep you from going to the toilet, so make sure you go before the train leaves the station.

Rating out of five stars – ★★★

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